Blessed Butterfly Wedding Theme Ideas

State your Gratefulness with the Blessed Butterfly Wedding Theme Ideas – Butterfly, as one of the most beautiful creatures in this realm, this kind of insect always manage to coddle our eyes through its graceful wings. Their fragile wings have the colorful yet attractive pattern depends on the type of them. At the same time, people who fall in love with every detail of this creature start to utilize or mimicking the design of them for a certain importance. The butterfly wedding theme can be said as one of the best way in exploiting the beautifulness of this insect.

The very idea of wedding theme ideas is that we are required to have the artificial butterfly to decorate or to embellish our wedding reception or ceremony. Hence, you are going to have those butterflies where their blessed wings become the main attraction here.

Butterfly Wedding Theme Ideas

Yes, we said it artificial since you are going to have the handmade-butterfly scattered around your wedding place. Most of the material will be from the decorative paper or nylon shaped with the origami technique. The best thing from it is that we can create the butterfly with our desired pattern embellishing our stuff just like the wedding stationery, bridal look and also the wedding cake.

For realizing the butterfly wedding theme we can start by having the embellished dress since the bride always become the main focus here. Decorating your white tulles with the wired “papillons” as the embellishment is never a bad idea though. Your embellished dress will be the setter of the rest of the butterfly ornament actually, since having the consistent and consimilar pattern of the butterfly decoration is far better.

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Next is for the bridal accessories. You can have the butterfly bouquet where it is beautifully designed like they flutter your hand. The butterfly floral headpiece will also be a good head ornament though. Following this accessory, you can have the butterfly centerpiece, garland or wreath.

For the cake, the flowery decoration will match perfectly with those little creature ornament. Having the 200 fondant roses and the fluttering butterfly for your creamy cake will make this wedding cake never lose any attention though. The well-placed nylon butterfly and the color selection might be the key here.

Next, for the stationary of the butterfly wedding theme ideas, you can have the imprinted butterfly wedding tags, mason jar butterfly terrarium, butterfly wedding confetti and also straw toppers. The swizzle sticks, favor bags, bridesmaid gifts, paper lantern or the seating cards are the potential stuff for the blessed butterfly decoration.

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