Stylish Dark Living Room Design Ideas

A living room design is one of the home design projects that can’t be forgotten. The existence of living room in the house is important. With its important use, of course, the design of it becomes really important, too. Surely, you also want to have your living room to be decorated in a good way, right?

Here, in this article, is welcoming you to greet a new style of living room. This new style is really great. Called with the stylish dark living room design ideas, you will never have to regret the day you spend too much money on it. Everything is paid with its attractiveness.

You know, with this theme, your living room will be one of the best living rooms that match the modern and contemporary feeling. This type of living room excludes the air of opulence, best, without having to try hard. Surely, when you owned it, your heart will full of the pride that you have for them.

As its name, this stylish dark living room design ideas come with the basic of dark color as its main theme. Mainly, the color that used most is black. It has the best mysterious feeling that can give you a sophisticated air, freely.

If you want to apply this design in your house, you can follow this example. It is really simple, actually. First of all, you can design the ceiling with the color of black. Following that, the wall can be painted in black, too. Keep it in your mind that the color will have the same shades.

After that, try to limit the use of dark color, from now. To company the dark ceiling, you can use white luxurious lamp on it. Make sure that it can shine brightly, so your stylish dark living room design ideas will never look really dark. Also, don’t use black color for the floor. You can use the color of white. Black and white combination is really good.

Remember about the material inside the living room, too. The couches, the main living room table, the chairs, the sofa, the television, even the curtain. It can be chosen with its basic material color, too. Whether it will be in dark color or not, it is alright. Dark brown is okay; light brown is accepted, too. Hey, you will be surprised about how well this color mixes with the combination of black and white color before. Are you curious? Then just try this stylish dark living room design ideas on your own! Hope you can catch its magnificence for your own living room.