Elegant French Cottage Interior Design Ideas

The French style is one of the favorite styles since the old era until now. Although the modern cottage is various with so many styles, the French as the old style will always be special for many people. The French cottage interior design ideas in here will give the inspiration of decorate your cottage.

You will need the big windows in your French cottage if you want your cottage really looks French. The amount of the windows is also little bit important for the cottage. The window’s French is also special with much screen than the ordinary windows.

The big cottage with big French windows is enough to make your cottage looks like French style. You only need to add more French design in your furniture and the decoration. The position of the furniture is also will be important for your French cottage. The right position of the furniture will bring the perfect French cottage design ideas.

French house style is so elegant right? It will bring the elegance into your cottage. Ok, now the consideration of color palette that you should be chosen. The French style has the simple color palette. It will be so different with the modern cottage that is tent to be full of colors. Gold, white, brown and cream are the colors that are usually used by the French.

The furniture and the decoration of your French cottage interior design ideas should be using those colors. The combination of the cream and gold is perfect. Then, the white and cream is also will be so gorgeous in your French cottage. The big crystal lighting with gold light will be the best choice.

The furniture is the key of the style of your cottage. So, you should choose the right French furniture style as your French cottage interior design. Then, once more, windows are the most important part of your French cottage. The French windows are high and big with so many screens.

The French windows are made of wood. Then, the doors are usually having the same style with the windows. The soft and calm color palette, the French furniture and French windows is the most important things for the French cottage interior design. Do you already have the plan? Those are the tips of French cottage design ideas for you; hope the tips above will be useful and inspiring for your cottage with French style idea.