Small Living Room and Dining Room Combined Ideas

Having small, mini, house doesn’t mean you must deplete your imagination and creation in making good design. To boost your optimistic level, here we provide small living room and dining room combined ideas which will greatly fit your remote house; of course with proper and neat management. Ok, just check it out!

Before realizing small living room and dining room combined, first thing that you should do is making concept. Don’t too grandiose, because we’ve mentioned before, with simple yet right and neat arrangement, your tiny house will be able to create great impression.

Then, start with furniture placement. This is the main key of small house interior design. Make sure big-sized furniture placed in the right space with right execution. For example, never put large and protrude furniture such long sofa, grand clock, grand vase in the middle of living room. Besides hinder the movement inside the room, that kind of arrangement will make your small house look stuffier.

You’d better put such furniture in a place where no traffic of people movement, such as corner of the room or right against the wall. What you should avoid next is putting too many wall decorations in living room such as photo or ornaments. If you want to get your living room’s wall decorated, applying wall sticker will be good idea. Subsequently, in combining small living room and dining room combined ideas, don’t ever use bulkhead. It will compound the movement due to the narrow path.

For the dining table choices, small dining room will be more suitable to lengthwise dining table rather than round one. Lengthwise dining table will allow more fluent movement because it leaves more space than round one which potentially covers almost latitude. That is small living room and dining room combined ideas. If you don’t mind, you can continue to read the tips about living room arrangement for small rooms.