Living Room Furniture Arrangement for Small Rooms

As the follow up of small living room and dining room idea combination, this article will explain more detail/particularly about living room furniture arrangement for small rooms. As mentioned before, the arrangement or organizing of furniture becomes the main key of small room design interior. Unlike the house with spacious room, furniture arrangement of living room in small house should consider and concern many aspects and point of view, or in other words you cannot set it carelessly. So, pay attention to the next paragraph!

Before we jump into living room furniture Arrangement for small rooms, we just want you to know that we’ve already reminded small house owner many times, be careful in purchasing furniture. Don’t buy huge, extra size furniture too much, besides it only waste your money; those giant things won’t suit to small room.

We advise you to buy small or medium sized furniture; because the most important thing is their function, not size nor fanciness. Well, let’s say you have bought right furniture, and then we progress to the arrangement step. Due to limited space, it is better for you to arrange the furniture in single line, not scatter them nor arrange them in circular or elliptical model.

Lean the furniture against the wall will effectively save the space for your living room, so you and your family will still be able to play in sufficient area in the living room without getting obstructed by the furniture. Placing the furniture according to their function is also necessary. For example, put the LCD/LED TV some meters away in front of the sofa.

This allows you and your family to watch TV with comfort and not too near so your eye health will be maintained. Okay, that is living room furniture arrangement for small rooms. By the way, talking about furniture arrangement, rocking chairs is exciting to be discussed. So don’t miss the rocking chairs topic in next article.