Living Room Rocking Chairs from Reliable Shop

Talk about living room, we can’t miss the furniture: TV, cabinet, book shelves, sofa, lamp, decorations, and one more, rocking chair. Yes, rocking chairs are identical to an elder man/woman sit lazily while sway-away, but in fact, anyone can spend their leisure time in these swinging things. So, this article will give you references, especially for you who include rocking chairs as one of living room furniture priority in your shop list; about living room rocking chairs from some reliable shops. Check them out!

First shop that can be a good reference for living room rocking chairs are “The Find”. The Find is an online shop, has existed since 2001. Okay, let’s take look of their product. “Eddie Bauer” is a rocking chair that has to be reckoned with. Its frame made of fines wood, while the seat composed of polyester, filled with polyurethane foam that provides extra comfort for your butt.

Eddie Bauer can be transformed into regular chair by simply put the removable cushion off. $ 400 is worth enough for this excellent versatile chair. Second shop to contribute is Evenflo online shop. Its top product called Regatta Rocking Chair. It is retro-rocking chair with teak-skeleton style body, inserted by a piece of cushion made of soft foam. Regatta costs about $ 350.

In the third queue, there is unique, newly concept rocking chair called Bexton Blue ($ 370). It is combination of modern-office plastic seat with lower arc-swinging feet. The seat made of 100% anti flammable plastic, while the suspension frame made of thin stainless steel, stooled by wooden arc-swinging feet.

We may say that this is rare and brave innovation, because there are no other living room rocking chairs like this. Well, the choice is up to you, but all of them will suit any living room interior design colors ideas. If you don’t believe, just check our following article!