Urban Modern Minimalist Design

The Zen barn in Ottawa inspires how the urban interior can be so classy and elegant. The true contemporary concept has the strong character in this house. This is 3,100 square house designed by Canadian architect, Christopher Simmonds. The design combines the rustic and modern style in contemporary concept.

The outside part of the house appears the same just like another contemporary house. It has cube shapes with the clean lines in every of its edge. The dark colored is the choice of this house design. The accent is monotony for the exterior color, but the interior design is very contrast. It has the bright color and furnished with modern interior. The furniture choice and the composition of the inside of the house emphasizes on the urban interior concept.

Urban modern interior design
Urban modern interior design – Image Credit: Decorloving.com

Rustic light colored wooden flooring is matched with the dark colored cozy sofas. The glass table in the middle of this furniture strengthens the accent of the modern furniture design. The white colored bookshelves on the table display the collection of the owner. The unique chairs are surrounding the mini bar table. The hanging lighting makes it as the stylish mini bar. The wall is constructed from glass that presents the view of the open air. The interior looks smooth and cozy with the pick of the bright and neutral color.

The combination of the rustic exterior and the smooth exterior makes this house unique. Their contrasts add the value of the contemporary design of a modern urban house. When the wooden materials blend with the glass ones, it makes it more beautiful since it represents the variation of the architecture designs. Elegant urban interior can be the concept fit to be combined with any other concept including the most rustic or the traditional ones.

Classy Urban Modern Design for Minimalist Trends

Urban modern design
Urban modern design – Image Credit: Decoraid.com
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